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This page contains news, event information, and other items added by the market managers.

The market is open with new vegetables and products added each week. If you have problems ordering or dealing with a grower feel free to call Roger Stewart
345-5895 and we will work out the problem

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Market Week Sept 20

The first day of Fall is the 21st and Fall is definitely in the air. Not only the garden produce that is available but the soybean fields are quickly loosing their leaves and the corn is drying down. It is time for you to get your fall order in for squash. Check out what is available this week.

Market Week Sept 13

Fall items are starting to be available. There are still plenty of raspberries but they too will be slowing down as the weather cools.

Market Week Sept 6

This week we will start with our fall delivery of squash. Also in good supply will be raspberries. If your have questions about this market please call 345-5895

Market Week Aug 30

Rain the past week has improved the prospects for some late season greens. This week the special item will be raspberries. We pick almost every day and get several pints each picking. Supply should be good for the next couple of weeks. Potatoes are plentiful also. Will be digging white potatoes and red potatoes this week.

Market Week Aug 23

The rain this past week provided much needed moisture. However, I think it may have been too late for some of the vine crops like cucumbers. We hope that the plants come back and set more blossoms and fruit in the next couple of weeks. Raspberries will be the special treat of this fall and are starting to turn red.

Market week of August 9

Summer produce is plentiful at this time. You can expect to find fresh tomatoes and plenty of summer squash. Most growers are hoping for some rain to help finish their produce. Check out what is available and tell a friend about the Market

Market week of August 2

Sorry about not opening the market last week. The manager was attending a class reunion and I couldn’t ask Gayl to do all of this activity. However, the market is open this week with lots to choose from. There are a lot of beans available this week and by next week you should start to see tomatoes and cucumbers. Try the market out and tell your friends.

Market week of July 19

It is Sunday morning and I’m sorry the market is just now opening. It has been a hot couple of days and should have spent it working on the computer. Have had our grandson helping and visiting so have not done my normal jobs!! Just for you who might be wondering – the cucumbers hare starting to bloom and there is plenty of dill coming. Beans are about a week away also.

Market week June 21

The Saturday markets have seen their fare share of damp cold days. We thank those who come week after week despite less than desirable conditions.

Our Wednesday market offers more each week and continue to welcome to customers. All you need to do is sign up and then place your order on THE MARKET page. Place your order before Monday evening and we will be in touch about how to get the items to you

Market week of June 14

Thanks for the interest in our market. place your order and we will be in touch with you with where and when we will get the order to you. You can pick it up or we can deliver – what works best for you.

The rain has been beneficial. Will give the weeds something to grow with but they are now smaller than the vegetables so don’t compete as much. This week I see blossoms on the peas and should have a good volume of yellow beans in about a month.