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This page contains news, event information, and other items added by the market managers.

The market is open with new vegetables and products added each week. If you have problems ordering or dealing with a grower feel free to call Roger Stewart
345-5895 and we will work out the problem

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Week of August 28

It has been two weeks since anything has been sent out to you. The market has been open but there has not been enough interest to remind people of the available products. With that in mind I believe that the on line market in
Dodgeville will close. If you have have other thoughts please communicate the to Roger Stewart at 608-345-5895.

Week of August 7

I see it is Monday morning and a bit late to remind you you can do your online shopping at the market. I am leaving the market open 24/7 so you can order any time. I will check for orders on Tuesday and let the grower know what you wish. Arrangements will be made to get your fresh produce to you on Wednesday.

Week of July 31

If you didn’t get to the market on Saturday here is another opportunity for you to get fresh produce grown right here in Iowa County. Place an order and it will be delivered to you on Wednesday or in a manner that works best for you.

Week of July 24

It has been a wet week! Even the Saturday market was on the wet side. You can enjoy the same market on your computer and order many of the same items that were available Saturday morning and have them delivered to you on Wednesday when it is convenient for you. Give it a try you may find it is a great way to shop.

Week of July 17

I apologize for not always getting you this message and list of available products. Not sure if it is my problem or software problem.

Week of July 10

We had a great rain storm this past week. It really has been a good summer so far for moisture. Just about the time you think it might be necessary to irrigate we get an inch of rain! The field crops are also showing the adequate moisture levels.

If you are in the Dodgeville area today take part in the Farmers Appreciation Day.

Market for the week of July 3

We had a busy market Saturday morning. All of the produce vendors were able to sell everything they brought!!! Check out what is listed for this week and we can make arrangements to get fresh produce to you my mid week.

Have a safe and fun 4th of July weekend.

Week of June 26

It was a welcomed rain that came on Saturday evening. The hot winds during the day on Saturday are really hard on plants. I am sure they appreciated the moisture after such a stressful day. Check out what we have to offer this week and if you wish to be a vendor please take the extra step and sign up to do that. As always questions can be answered at 345-5895

Market 2016 wk of June 19

The market has been open downtown since the middle of May but this week all of our vendors had a good supply of produce. The online market is now open. We welcome customers and new vendors here and on Saturday. Questions about either market can be answered at 608-345-5895

Market Week Sept 27

As we look over the market participants and see what is happening at the Saturday Market, it looks like this will be the last week for the on line market. Information about the market will still be available but ordering will be closed for the season. If you have questions please contact the Manager at 608-345-5895.